Enjoy Breastfeeding In Public – Cover Mama, Not The Baby

Breastfeeding In Public

Breastfeeding my babies has been an amazing journey. In the beginning I was given lots of bad advice from people I thought I could trust (OB-GYN’s, Pediatricians, etc.). I’ve now learned the tips and tricks that some women need to apply in order to achieve breastfeeding success. I had to go elsewhere for answers to my breastfeeding questions.

On my journey, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with breastfeeding. The more knowledge I have about it the more confident I become. I’ve overcome criticisms and have gotten better at discreet nursing when visiting a family member’s house. One thing that has always alluded me though is the confidence to nurse outside where EVERYONE can see you!

I guess I’m very shy. I know how to nurse, I just don’t feel like I can do it especially with fathers at the park with their children. I never want to be the cause of ANY kind of controversy.

While I’ve been nursing successfully for three and a half years, I still feel relatively new to it when breastfeeding in public. I hardly have any dedicated nursing tops to go out in. Even with breastfeeding bras I’ve always had the problem of having to either pull down the front of my shirt or pull up the bottom to nurse. Either way, more skin than I’d like is on display while breastfeeding in public. My solution has been to nurse my babies while in baby slings or warps so I can have the cover I need.

I recently tried a new product by a fellow breastfeeding Mom called Baby Bond. You can see in this video, just how well it works!


This has been an answer to my problem! Now I don’t have to go and hide somewhere when I need to nurse.

I chose the Baby Bond Couture design so I can have adequate cover when I want to nurse from the top or bottom. The Couture works perfectly to keep skin exposure either nill or very limited. I just slip the Couture around me, pull the end though the flap and tighten to fit around my body (when I’m planning to nurse by lifting the bottom of my shirt) or clothing (when nursing from the top of my shirt).

Once I have the Couture in place, I can just move the fabric aside and latch my baby on with no one seeing anything. Even if my baby comes off the breast unexpectedly I can still be covered because the Couture is loose fitting enough that the fabric just falls over the exposed nipple.

The look of the Couture was a bit more baggy than I wanted, but it is designed to be versatile. I’ve gotten over my initial dislike of that feature and now am thankful for the extra room the design provides me.

I like the way the extra fabric can be used for a napkin, towel, toy attachment or plaything for baby while nursing. I also like the fact that the Couture fits over my clothing so I don’t have to have a big cover over my baby. She doesn’t like being covered to eat anyway and she shouldn’t have to be covered to eat. The Baby Bond Couture is for those Moms, like myself, who are a bit skittish to nurse in public. I now can have total confidence while nursing!

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