Natural Parenting Tips

For Busy Moms From A Mother Of Five
  • Are you looking for natural parenting tips?
  • Have you been parenting your child differently from most parents?
  • Are you sometimes called a “crunchy” Mom?
  • Have you always wanted to know what all of that is about?
If you said, “yes”, to any of those questions, then this is the place for you! Mothers who choose sewing instructions for baby cloth diapers instead of buying disposables are journeying towards a parenting style that’s not-the-norm. Mothers who are looking for natural parenting tips come here to learn, share and document their experiences.
Breastfeeding Moms who are looking for support, training and product recommendations for breast milk storage bags and other breast feeding products, also come here for education and sharing.
What Is Natural Parenting?
I created this site to store all the natural parenting tips I’m learning so you can know it too. I hope you will feel comfortable in sharing your natural parenting tips and knowledge with me. Together we can create a warm, welcoming environment to help all mothers find the answers they seek. 
The more you put your baby down, the less time you’ll have for skin-to-skin bonding with them. Babies just want to be held. Science has proven that every human baby has a need for loving, physical touch.
Now, by simple I don’t necessarily mean easy. It’s not easy planting and cultivating a garden so you can teach your children about eating healthier food. The simple I’m referring to is being logical and basic in the way you take care of your child/ren. A perfect example of this would be wearing your baby in a carrier instead of pushing them around in a stroller with all the latest bells and whistles. Natural mothers do what comes…naturally.
You Do What!?! Why Would You Want To Do That???
I’m sure you, like I, have heard those words at least once. If not, be prepared. When most people hear what we do, their first reaction is some sort of shock or surprise. They might even try to make you feel bad about your decisions. You won’t feel like you’re the weird one here for three reasons:
  • I am on the same journey as you are – we have something in common
  • leading scientific research backs us up – Mama intuition is actually right
  • other mothers share their journeys – let their wisdom encourage you
So, What Exactly Do We Do?
Good question. While we all may not be the same, we all do agree that parenting a bit differently than the norm is the best thing for our children. Many natural parents bring up their children with attachment parenting principles. Here’s a video on that topic.